Who is MBM?

Mobile Billboard Miami is a promotions and marketing company that specializes in mobile billboard advertising through-out South Florida. We provide both static and digital led mobile billboard trucks. M.B.M. provides services in graphic designing, printing, banner printing, and product distribution. M.B.M. is here to provide reliable and effective forms of advertisement to all of our clients.  


Static Mobile Billboard Trucks

2 Side banners: 10 FT X 22 FT: Rear 3 FT x 10 FT

Digital Mobile Billboard Trucks

2 Side : 7 FT X 14 FT: Rear 7 Ft x 7 FT

All units are complete with lighting for effective night time advertising.

All units are equip with exterior speakers.

Areas Mobile Billboards Covers

Entire state of Florida

What is the suggested time frame to reserve for a mobile billboard?

1 week prior to projected ad run date.

How many hours of mobile advertising should be expected daily?

An average time of 6-8 hours of mobile advertising is provided daily. The timing depends on traffic conditions and area of contracted coverage.

Our drivers are permitted to take breaks during the day.

While on break the mobile unit is always stationed in a highly visible location

  M.B.M is not an franchise nor does it out source!  

What's does this mean? This means you pay the lowest, best price offered.

Stop over paying and save money for your next marketing project.  

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