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Here is our Mobile LED truck in Jacksonville advertising a Winn-Dixie supermarket store.


Jacksonville Florida

Innovative Mobile Billboard Advertising for Jacksonville Florida.

MBM brings its innovative targeted mobile billboard advertising service to Jacksonville, Florida, providing businesses in this area with an effective advertising medium to reach diverse audiences at their comfort zone.

A service built around a Jacksonville-based marketing team, our mobile billboard advertising service is designed to provide you with an innovative yet effective marketing approach that guarantees maximum results. To achieve this aim, we strike a perfect balance between direct and efficient marketing, helping you achieve maximum reach that gives you an edge over your direct competitions.

Our marketing team works closely with you to determine your specific marketing goal, crafting an active campaign to meet these needs and deploying to our strategic locations to provide results. We capture your intended target and create marketing campaigns that take prospects across the sales funnel, from leads and buyers to revenue drivers.

Our Jacksonville mobile billboard advertising team offers extensive knowledge of the Jacksonville, Florida area, giving you the ability to tap into our knowledge, experience and marketing expertise within the region for an effective mobile billboard advertising campaign.

So, whether it’s an awareness campaign, a product lunch, or any other marketing objective, our digital billboard trucks will help you reach your desired audience more effectively than any other outlets out there.

Jacksonvile Mobile billboard

Jacksonville Florida

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Why Choose our Mobile Billboards?

Area Expertise

MBM offers an experienced Jacksonville Florida-based marketing team that boasts comprehensive knowledge of the area, its people, and the right marketing content to ensure the best results for your campaigns.

Innovative Approach to Marketing

At MBM, we understand the importance of diversity, and thus, every billboard we create has a unique approach. We seek to provide innovative yet creative solutions that catch the eye of your intended targets.

We Guarantee Improved Brand Recognition

Boasting extensive understanding of the Jacksonville area, our team comes up with the most effective approach to guarantee maximum brand exposure and awareness. We create a lasting impression in the minds of every observer.


MBM seeks to provide an innovative and practical approach to marketing. Our mobile billboard advertising service in Jacksonville offers a diverse yet result-driven marketing approach that keeps you blocks ahead of your competition.

Now, you can be sure of a marketing campaign that reaches your target audience in their comfort zone.

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