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Now that football season is officially in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about the Super Bowl. Hopefully your team will pull some big wins, defy the odds, and make it there; or you will find yourself in the stadium seats come February. One thing you can definitely secure a spot at the Super Bowl? Your advertisement, with Mobile Billboard Miami.


Mobile Billboard Miami will be traveling to Atlanta Georgia with their mobile billboard trucks. Jan 28th to Feb 3rd providing more than 10 hours for mobile billboard advertising in Atlanta Georgia. With tens of thousands of attendees, the Super Bowl is one of the most populated single event locations of the entire year, and provides the best opportunity to promote your business.


Mobile Billboards Miami is a promotions and marketing company that specializes in effective and reliable mobile billboard advertisements, with advertising solutions for any type of client. We bring ads to the most high-traffic areas to effectively target consumers.


Our inventory includes static billboard trucks and digital billboards. Plus, all of our trucks are equipped with an outdoor sound system, so consumers will not only be able to see the advertisement, but can also hear the commercial associated with it. Our static units are fully back-lit, for evening and nighttime advertising; and our LED trucks are bright enough to operate during the day, and can light up a city block at night.

Don’t miss the opportunity to advertise for your business while the Super Bowl is in your area. Book a 2019 Super Bowl Mobile Billboard Truck today. We are now accepting inquiries with minimum deposits. For more information, visit